We are a boutique leadership and management consultancy focused on your leadership selection, development, performance and retention.

These are the areas in which we help you:

  • When you select a leader at any level in your organisation, you are betting on that leader delivering an exceptional return on investment, enhancing the value of your business and helping your people to be great.
  • The more senior the leadership role, the greater the potential impact and sensitivity for your organisation.
  • Are you clear about what you want from that leader, over what period, and what’s next after that mission has been achieved?
  • How do you ensure an effective on-boarding of this leader, given that 50% of leadership/executive failures are due to inadequate onboarding?
  • How do you develop and improve your leadership team’s performance, to achieve the mission and ensure business success?
  • Does this leader fit your succession plan?
  • How do you retain your leadership talent?

Our People

 David Deane-Spread David Deane-Spread
Our founder and chair, David Deane-Spread, is a former commissioned officer in the Australian Defence Forces, a covert operations leader in law-enforcement and another discreet agency. He developed masterful coaching and development skills in government service whilst building and leading high performance teams for high risk operations.
 Simon Bowen Simon Bowen
Simon Bowen is Australia’s #1 Authority on Visual Based Thinking. Whether it’s communicating a new strategy to the Board, driving a critical project, or converting a customer to a purchase - clear, effective communication is the key … and Simon has the proven system to get the results.
 Liesbeth Goedhart Liesbeth Goedhart
Arts Consultant Liesbeth Goedhart is a senior professional in the area of development and community engagement and a broker of cross-sector partnerships, she has been involved for over fifteen years in the arts and culture sector. Most recently she acted as the arts consultant (alongside a health consultant) in a major project: Examining the Use of the Arts to Improve Health and Healing in West Australian Hospitals for the West Australian Arts and Health Consortium.
 Dr Vince Hughes Dr Vince Hughes
Dr Vince Hughes is the current CEO of Crime Stoppers WA. He has held senior public sector roles at the Public Sector Commission, WA Police, Corruption and Crime Commission and the National Crime Authority. Previously he was a police officer in the Republic of Ireland. He has published papers on knowledge management and intelligence.
 Pina Christie Pina Christie
Pina Christie is a professional Change Management Consultant with the accreditation, insight and experience acquired over three decades of service. Pina delights in helping organisations and people create the changes necessary so that they can bring their great ideas into the real world.
 Alyssa Henderson Alyssa Henderson
Alyssa Henderson is our executive assistant, administration manager and coordinator. With great client liaison skills and a broad range of valuable support expertise, Alyssa is an important part of Metattude’s ability to serve our clients. A former legal secretary, Alyssa’s attention to detail is legendary.

Metattude’s referral network

With over twenty years of operational expertise in consulting to our clients, we have developed a rich network of expertise for our clients’ benefit.

When we identify that you have a specialist need that we would recommend to you, we help you access the expertise you need, with our oversight ensuring your needs are fully met with a significant return on investment.

  • Financial Management
  • Business Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Engineering, Electrical, Electronics
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Investigations
  • Health, Safety and Emergency Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Recruitment (non-leadership, professional and technical operators)