You have strong values, a commitment to agile excellence, courage to look closely in the mirror, to manage risk wisely, and you care for your people and customers.

You have ownership or a sense of ownership – you are much more than an employee collecting salary.

You are the decision maker.

You’re keen to minimise bureaucracy, which you have experienced as being like a cancer to the organisation.

You have no time for ‘tick the box’ accreditations and qualifications that don’t deliver direct measurable results in the workplace.  You’ve tried them, and they didn’t deliver for you.

You know that leadership that actually works is crucial to the right culture and performance for sustainable viability and a bright future.

You know that the true pathway for sustainable excellence is continuous development of you and your people.

You deeply believe that you must deliberately disrupt your organisation now, to take advantage of these chaotic times and prevent being disrupted by others.

However, you are being blocked by others’ attitudes, some difficult people. There are fears, habits and stuck ignorance preventing you from implementing what you believe needs to happen.

There are some issues that don’t get resolved, no matter what you try.

You want to partner with a trusted party that share your values, risk, passion and vision.

This party must have track record and be expert in people in the context of your organisational success.

This party must first earn your trust, before you consider partnering.

We stand by your values and agree that we must first see if we are the right fit for you.

Are you willing to discover whether we are?

If so, email our principal David Deane-Spread.

He’ll be happy to shout you a coffee to help you see if there is a possible fit.