The Holy Grail of Commerce

I humbly assert that the holy grail of commerce is sustainable growth and profit. That does not mean continuous growth and continuous profit. There is a distinction between ‘sustainable’ and ‘continuous’ that most people in commerce don’t seem to get. ‘Sustainable’ in this context means the ability to have longevity of growth and profit. ‘Continuous’ read more


The Culture of Entitlement

“I have been here for 7 years and I deserve to promoted to this (leadership/management) position” said the indignant team member. The problem was she had never worked harder or longer to complete difficult or urgent tasks, always saying it was 5pm and she had been there since exactly 8am. She had meticulously taken all read more


Metattude’s Enterprise Hierarchy of Success Model

All human endeavour, whether individual or collective, has a hierarchy of success that, if sustainability is sought, is constant. It begins with the ideal – our values, what really matter to us. We then select a vision that expresses those values. We acquire effective leadership of self and others to live the values and achieve read more


What is the Source of Our Courage?

One of the most useful and humble questions I’ve been asked is ‘how do we find our courage?’ I can only answer from what I’ve witnessed and experienced myself, so I don’t know if I have the right or correct or best answer. What I’ve witnessed in others’ display of their courage, and on reflection, read more


On the Kevin Rudd Bid for UN Secretary General

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last week declared Kevin Rudd unsuitable for the role of UN Secretary-General, despite that Rudd had the support of foreign minister Julie Bishop and attorney-general George Brandis. I’d previously heard politician Bob Katter describe Rudd as a good pick because he’d been a successful diplomat. Being a successful diplomat is read more