We Are Dumb About Money

Have you noticed that we are in the midst of the greatest “money-grab” of all time? We have placed money ahead of life. Everything is monetised, even our lives. Governments are seeking more money from their lenders and their people and are raising their fees whilst at the same time demanding suppliers reduce their fees. read more


Leadership Simplified

As a newly commissioned officer in the ADF, I was full of untested confidence. Quickly I realised that I had begun a life long journey to become a leader that others would want to follow. I have never stopped learning and studying the demanding and sometimes torturous path of improving my leadership skills. There are read more


Causes of and Remedies for the Dreaded Corporate Silo

I sat with my client June (not her real name) who was a recent external appointment as CEO of a significant engineering company. She was complaining about the silos between the five corporate departments and how they resisted any attempts to open up and deconstruct the silos. “What have you done so far?” I asked. read more


Why The Gap Between Strategy and Execution?

The chief operating officer asked me to have a coffee with him to share an idea with me. I said “Sure and you know I’ll be sending you an invoice if I can be of assistance.” I could sense his smile as he replied “Of course David – not a problem.” We met and soon read more


Consulting or Seeking a Consultant?

After leaving command roles in both disciplined (ADF)and semi-disciplined (law-enforcement) areas of government service, I wanted to understand how I could apply what I’ve learned in commerce. I was motivated by the opportunity to earn an income beyond what I could in the public sector. I was younger then and desired my life to be read more