Can You Answer This Challenge?

I assert that all of the conflicts, arguments, wars, errors, accidents and mistakes experienced by humans, and solely created by humans, have only three root causes. Those three root causes are: Fear (includes related emotions such as anger or frustration and jealousy) Habits (includes beliefs and personal values) Ignorance (includes forgetting or not using what read more


The Last Stand of the Dinosaurs

A dinosaur in this context is anyone who has been in a large organisation for long enough to have lost their desire and ability to truly innovate, create or just improve products, service, systems, process or reason for being. We are either disrupting or being disruptive; we are either challenging the status quo or we read more


Earning Trust and Respect as Their New CEO

We don’t get trust and respect given to us immediately do we? However, we can begin earning trust and respect immediately. Or not. We won’t get trust and respect just because we know everything, or lots, about the operation or the technicalities. We won’t get it because we were great in our last role. Trust read more


Decide on Deliberate Disruption

We live in disruptive times, don’t we? The great have fallen and the many small have disappeared before they were even noticed. Memories of Kodak, Enron, Pan Am, Blockbuster Video and Nokia remain with us. Start-ups have become global leaders and disrupters inside a decade. Facebook, Ali Baba, LinkedIn in the digital world and Uber read more


How CEOs Can Avoid the Wrong Hire for a Senior Position

Gallup’s data shows that 82% of managers are ‘wrong hires’. As CEO, you are ultimately accountable for that error, aren’t you? The HR department can only go on what is given them and they are often so risk averse that they’ll not effectively challenge key assumptions that lead to the wrong hire. Untested role description, read more