Confusing Leadership with Management

Just because most leaders also have management functions, and similarly most managers also have leadership functions, doesn’t mean that leadership and management are the same thing. Speaking of management when you mean leadership and vice versa is a part of why we have a leadership deficit. When I hear someone say “I’m a people manager” read more


Leading in Disruption

After five years as CFO Gary was promoted to CEO of the logistics company, whose long term competitive edge was document and parcel delivery within 24 hours nationwide to capital cities and within two days to regional cities. They were being challenged now by growing electronic document transmission and democratised parcel delivery. Gary’s charter was read more


Psychopath or Lacking People Skills?

With my background in leading covert law enforcement, I have received training and experience with the criminal psychopath. The difference between the criminal psychopath or sociopath (there is constant interchangeability of usage between the two labels – to me they are so similar as to be the same) and the workplace psychopath, is that the read more


The Holy Grail of Commerce

I humbly assert that the holy grail of commerce is sustainable growth and profit. That does not mean continuous growth and continuous profit. There is a distinction between ‘sustainable’ and ‘continuous’ that most people in commerce don’t seem to get. ‘Sustainable’ in this context means the ability to have longevity of growth and profit. ‘Continuous’ read more


The Culture of Entitlement

“I have been here for 7 years and I deserve to promoted to this (leadership/management) position” said the indignant team member. The problem was she had never worked harder or longer to complete difficult or urgent tasks, always saying it was 5pm and she had been there since exactly 8am. She had meticulously taken all read more