CEO Saves Money and Re-engaged People

He’d had enough. There was too much bureaucracy and costs coming from his HR department and he couldn’t see a return on investment from what they were doing. So he did this, honourably and efficiently: Closed down his HR department. Kept one HR person to manage records and ensure compliance – there are software systems read more


Do We Need More Leadership Styles Models and Theories?

There seems to be a never-ending list of leadership styles, models and theories, with new ones emerging frequently. The topic of ‘leadership books’ in Amazon throws up 176,009 titles! They all say pretty much the same thing – it’s about influencing people to behave and act together to achieve a vision. They unpack that statement read more


The Crucial Skill for Current Leaders, without Which They are Doomed

When you consider the challenges facing all organisations today, there is no doubt that organisational agility, adaptability and resilience is essential if the organisation is to thrive. That means the leadership must be agile, adaptable and resilient as well, if not firstly. How to become more agile, adaptable and resilient then becomes the key question. read more


Your Accreditation is Probably Worth Less Than You Think

You’ve heard it before – I’m an accredited black belt in XYZ Process, or I’m an accredited coach with the X Coaching Federation, or I’m accredited in X-ship Neuroscience. In my area of operation, what I hear most often is ‘But I have a Diploma in Training and Assessment’. Sadly I have found that most read more


The 7 Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be a Leader

Everyone can learn to lead, but that doesn’t mean they should. Gallup says that 82% of management appointments (which always involve leadership) are ‘wrong fits’. So before embarking on your leadership journey, consider disqualifying yourself if any of your primary reasons for becoming a leader are listed below: You want to be the ‘hero’. It’s read more