The 5 Top Skills of the 21st Century Leader

We are experiencing evolutionary times. The rate of change is noticeably accelerating. Disruptive change is upon us. Technology, aging, population pressures, climate change, societal upheaval – they are all part of the picture. Leading others in these times, whether the family, community or corporate requires a set of skills that differ from the old ways. read more


The Top 4 Signs of Broken Leadership

Large companies like big ships, take a long time to turn, slow down or speed up. Like the Titanic, when trouble is noticed it’s often too late. But for the time being, the figures/finances still look good or even great – though trouble is afoot. Those figures are usually historical such as last quarter’s profits, read more


The Performance Mastery App

Work is rapidly evolving. People are becoming far more conscious of what matters most and it isn’t just about work. People are well and truly over the old ways of performance management and command and control. They are looking for meaning, value, appreciation, being included and making a difference. Technology has enabled us to be read more


Leading in These Evolutionary Times

Everything is changing rapidly, isn’t it? In only five to ten years from now it is likely that artificial intelligence, robotics, and additive fabrication technology will have replaced many current ‘jobs’. Nevertheless, the future of work remains unlimited just evolved. How will you lead yourself and your people towards this imminent future? Your people skills, read more


Self Reflection Questions for Leaders

Time and again when I speak with successful leaders I am reminded that one of their greatest strengths is their devotion to regular self-reflection. Their courage to face the truths about their thoughts, expressions, decisions and actions, plus their desire to always improve themselves leads directly to their higher performance. Here is a non-exhaustive list read more