The Crucial Beliefs of the Effective Leader

Following my earlier blog on core leadership beliefs, here is an expanded list of beliefs I believe to be crucial for sustainable effective leadership. It’s a long list and that is the challenge for effective leaders. I believe in our values and our vision. I believe our values are our rules of engagement in our read more


What’s Your Style of Leadership?

The man in the grey suit approached as we were taking a coffee break in my presentation on the “12 C’s of Effective Leadership Behaviour” from my book “The Wheel of Effective Leadership Behaviour”. “So which leadership style do you advocate?” he asked. I paused then said “I don’t advocate any particular style of leadership.” read more


Your Company’s Greatest Unmet Challenge

When I ask executives “what’s your company’s greatest unmet challenge?” they most often go silent, contemplating whether to articulate what they know, or which one to articulate. What I’ve discovered is that the unmet challenge is most often the ‘elephant in the room’ and closely associated with a ‘sacred cow’ or two. The ‘elephant’ is read more


The Gap between Rules and Commonsense Values

In Australia at the moment there is a hullabaloo about politicians of all persuasions abusing tax-payer funded expenses and entitlements. They are all crying ‘We are within the rules”. At first they were taking pot-shots at each other across the major parties. Then it was revealed that members of both major parties had been dipping read more


The 6 Deadly Sins of Leadership

We’ve all experienced or heard of flawed leadership examples, resulting in the end of the leader’s reign and more often a long list of damages and even lost lives caused by those flaws. Here are the six most deadly sins I believe a leader can commit: 1. To place self-interest before the higher good. Example read more