The Leadership Habit of Debriefing

Wise leaders realise that debriefing after an event, project, training or task can be a highest point of learning. They develop the habit of debriefing. They have a process to maximise the benefit. Here’s a process I encourage my clients to follow: 1.         Get all the participants present. 2.      read more


Making Improvement Work

Continuous improvement is a goal sought by many enterprises, yet often they are just words with no supporting action. There are two broad methods for examining for improvement: Pathological Inquiry – where we look for what’s not working to improve it. Appreciative Inquiry – where we look for what works to make it grow elsewhere. read more


How Leaders Can Earn Trust and Respect and Keep It

If there’s diminished trust and respect in a leader, then there’s equally diminished performance and productivity. Right? Trust and respect go hand in glove and it is rare that a leader is trusted but not respected or vice versa. Trust and respect must be earned, and where the leader must go first. We all fundamentally read more


The Stupidity of Long 360° Feedback Surveys

A favourite tool of many consulting firms is the dreaded 360° feedback survey that gets routinely pushed out, often just ahead of the equally dreaded performance review. Leaders and managers are asked to get selected peers, direct reports and supervisors to answer them anonymously. The surveys usually contain between about fifty to well over a read more


But I’ve Already Told Them!

How many times have you heard a frustrated manager say “But I’ve already told them!”? When I ask a client, who has just aid that, the question “When did you tell them?” I invariably get told of the specific time when it was said. The problem is that we need to hear important things said read more