Do They Really Know Exactly What Is Expected of Them?

It’s a fundamental requirement that employees know exactly what is required of them at all times. Without that clarity they will be unable to perform at their best. Too many leaders and managers assume their people ‘already know’ exactly what is required of them in this moment and the next. I have discovered that some read more


The Most Effective Action A Leader Can Take Now

The research by Gallup shows that 82% of management appointments are the wrong people. Having the wrong people as managers is the greatest cause of employee disengagement, loss of productivity, less profit, and lost customers. On the other hand companies that choose or develop management talent outperform their competitors by 147% in earnings per share, read more


Would You Work With Us Like This?

Imagine you are the CEO of a sizeable enterprise with annual revenue of circa $200 million. You are experiencing a recent and growing loss of talent. New hires aren’t staying much longer than six months and some of your longer term employees, even leader contenders are leaving too. Your enquiries make it clear to you read more


If You Were Managing Partner Would You Have The Courage To Do This?

Gary (not his real name) is the managing partner of a second-tier professional service firm. At a recent partners’ meeting Gary asked the question: “What big thing do we need to address to take us to the next level or avert a potential problem?” It was a genuine question and he wanted his fellow partners’ read more


The Self Bonsai-ing of C-Level Leaders

I sat before the C-level leaders, four of them – the CEO, the COO, the CFO, and the CIO. We were planning a development program for the direct reports to the C-level. I asked whether any of the C-level would attend. “No” came the firm reply, “We’re too busy and we’ve all done this sort read more