The Epidemic in Our Workplace

There’s an epidemic in our workplace that is spilling over to our personal lives – perhaps even spilling from our personal lives into the workplace. It’s been nurtured by social media, marketing and worst of all by some leaders. The symptoms are ‘selfies’, mindless Twittering, collecting ‘likes’ and ‘friends’, allowing one’s self to be upset read more


What Most CEOs Really Worry About Isn’t What They Tell You

I’ve seen various lists of things that most CEOs supposedly worry about more than anything else. At face value, these lists are always convincing because everything they include looks important. Here are some typical examples: Talent retention Operating in a global market Compliance Cost efficiencies Performance Productivity Usually, one item is missing, although it’s really read more


The Five Minute De-Stress Exercise for Busy People

As a leadership coach specialising in improving leadership of high risk/high performance entities, I’m constantly helping leaders to keep themselves and their people from being stuck in a stressed state. Stress is caused not by the situation, but by the reaction to the situation. Essentially it occurs in the mind of the person and is read more


Two Critical Skills for Now and Beyond – will you acquire or improve them?

I’ve been working with senior leaders and technical or operational experts for nearly two decades in my role as a leadership consultant coach and facilitator. I’m struck with the number of people overwhelmed by the ambiguities, volatilities and disruptive changes of our times. I’m also amazed by the extent that there exists broken relationships inside read more


The Calm and Centred Leader

Have you ever been in the presence of a leader who is ranting, angry or overwhelmed? How did you feel at that moment? You can be assured that in that moment that leader wasn’t capable of either thinking or behaving effectively. If the leader is in that emotionally unstable state, then trust and respect in read more