It’s Time to be Motivated

Fluctuating economies, fears of deflation, terrorism, global unemployment increasing, climate change. Uncertainty, volatility, ambiguity, chaos and disruptive change seem to characterise our world. We’re finding it difficult to trust our governments, politicians and business leaders. They don’t inspire us with authentic values and vision, beyond appealing to our self-interests around survival, security and surety needs. read more


The Secret to Enterprise Productivity

Improving productivity is high on the leaders’ agenda. Scholarly and practical articles alike focus on the productivity outcome created by the relationship between inputs and outputs, debating only what inputs and outputs to measure. What are measured mainly are financial and product or service data. I think they are missing the secret reality. There are read more


Why Female Executives Should Hire a Male Executive Coach

I am privileged to have coached a number of female executives, all who have risen to more prominence and success as leaders. Females make great leaders, provided they can earn the trust and respect of their fellow male executives. If they can earn the trust and respect of their peers, then the rest will follow. read more


Why Is It So?

I plead with you for your answers to these five questions: Why, when we know the value of leadership and the massive return on investment in having effective leaders, do we not invest sufficient and realistic time and energy in developing effective leaders? Why, when we know that shared values drive sustainable desired outcomes for read more


Metattude’s Enterprise Success Models

Hierarchy of Enterprise Success© Within each of the above “bricks” of success there are related and inter-related requirements that ensure the integrity of each brick and the model as a whole. For instance the brick of Continuous Learning and Improvement includes the setting of key performance indicators or results areas, their measurement, performance mastery, innovation read more