The Top Six Moves for CEOs to Make Now

It seems the world is in turmoil with uncertainty of global political stability; accelerating technological change; commoditisation of services; loss of trust in the validity of information from and through the media and the growing impact of climate change. 2017 is shaping up to be a very interesting time, though not without hope and the read more


Three Reasons Why Small Businesses Stay Small When the Opposite is Desired

Many clients have come to me frustrated because they wanted to grow their business and couldn’t. When I explore their situations, these clients reveal these most common reasons: Ignorance Not knowing how to structure and develop scalable systems. Not being able to distinguish between what is a cost and what is an investment. Not knowing read more


Overlooked for Promotion

Gary had been with the company for five years and a high performing area marketing manager for the last three. He’d often acted as group marketing manager and had done well in that position. When the incumbent resigned suddenly due to ill health, Gary filled the role for three months whilst the company decided on read more


Our Request to Our Leader

That you will never stop developing yourself, for we need you at your ever developing best. That you will always model and champion our highest values. That you will gather those around you who are even smarter and more capable than you, for you need us to achieve the vision and you don’t know everything. read more


Protect Your Earning Power, Not Your Job

2017 will be the year that many people become very concerned about their jobs. Automation (via artificial intelligence and robotics) is replacing many aspects of work. If your role contains work that is predictable, logical, routine and data driven, then those functions will be replaced by technology very soon. No longer can you think about read more