Ten Annoying Behaviours of Less Effective Leaders

Do you ever get frustrated by some of the behaviours of your leaders? Here are some of the worst: Insisting on telling. The aim is to save time, though that doesn’t work, does it? Pretend listening. Punctuated by them interrupting the very explanation they might have asked of you.  You can see them pretending to read more


Disruption – Five Things Your Business Could Do Right Now

Whether you know it or not, your business is headed for disruption, either from the outside or better still, from the inside. Here’s what you can do right now to make disruption work for the business: Get absolute clarity about the one thing your business offers the market, that no one else can or does. read more


Leading into the Unknown

People ask their leaders for certainty, even when the evidence is that certainty is a rarity. Think of the experts who predicted that Trump couldn’t win. It is likely that most of our predictions will be wrong in some way, sometimes significantly. How then can we as leaders move forward into an unknown, unreliable future, read more


Leadership Can Change Your Perspective

John (name and identifying data changed) asked me to coach him. He’d recently been appointed as the CEO of his engineering firm, which provides turnkey process infrastructure. John is an engineer and for the last four years had been the senior engineer in charge of production output, reporting to the previous CEO. He asked me read more


10 Point Strategic Decision Making Check List

Making strategic decisions is a skill learned best by practice. We can always correct a faulty decision; however, we prefer to make the right decision in the first instance, don’t we? Here’s a simple checklist I use to help me and my clients make strategic decisions: What’s the goal? What are the useful relevant facts? read more