The Danger of Technology in the Workplace

We are obsessed with technology. Digital, online, in the cloud solutions for everything are available for almost every conceivable function. There are apps for everything – almost. This has created a double edged sword. One edge has sharpened the possibility of improved performance and productivity, taking the pain out menial tasks and enabling enterprises to read more


Why I Fired This Client

It’s not something I enjoyed. In fact I felt terrible, as though I had failed. I was asked to coach a director of the client company who was behaving inappropriately, albeit he wasn’t aware that his behaviour was inappropriate. That worked well and I was asked to help some other key people in the company read more


High Value Conversations

I sat with my CEO client in a cafe overlooking the beautiful cityscape of Perth. He was deeply concerned about his company’s situation. Steeply falling sales, disenchanted employees and diminishing cash flow were taking a toll on his health and his ability to lead his people through the troubles. “Tom, (not his real name) can read more


Corporate Culture, Leadership and the Law of Gravity

Corporate Culture is critically important – it impacts on performance, innovation, productivity and profitability. The culture of the corporation is merely the sum of the attitudes of the people in it. To alter the culture requires altering the individuals’ attitudes. That requires effective leadership where setting the example is the chief means. After all, the read more


How Not to Cut Costs

This public listed subsidiary of the global giant was ordered to cut costs by 15% by the end of the quarter. Not only was that order given, it had this condition attached – it must be across all aspects of the company. The company had already pared expenses and were operating on what they believed read more