What is Attitude?

This post describes what attitude is, how to create a change of attitude and how to achieve a positive attitude. “Attitude” is one of the most frequently used words when describing the behaviour of people, whether in the workplace or beyond. Having the “right attitude” is regarded as a prerequisite for most employment opportunities. However read more


How to Accelerate Leadership Effectiveness

Tom replaced the medium sized mining company’s former chief operating officer, who had fallen seriously ill. Less than two months later Tom felt extremely stressed and was struggling to keep up with his workload. Worst of all he hadn’t had time to get to know the people who were delivering the outputs and results. He read more


Better Leaders Ask More Than Tell

I observed the CEO addressing his five direct reports, all C-level executives.  It was their routine weekly update, a short loose agenda meeting, designed to keep each other in the picture.  No great detail was required, just a dashboard approach. What dismayed me was the time the CEO took explaining what he thought, wanted, found, read more


Leaders Are People Experts

I long for the day when most organisations have a binary system for advancement for their people, where they can be recognised, rewarded and advanced equitably for their operational skills and/or their people skills.   Presently the main route for recognition and advancement is by being operationally excellent – for example the best salesman becomes the read more