Dealing with Conflict – The Leader’s Challenge

Rated by many leaders as one of their major concerns, conflict within the organisation causes them loss of sleep, stress and frustration. Conflict between direct reports; conflict about which values must be compromised or prioritised; conflict between directors and the executive – they are constant and troublesome. The leader’s sense of responsibility and concern about read more


Our Leadership Deficit

We lack effective leadership. A perfect storm is brewing. The failure of money; the never-ending clash of religions; the impact of technology; climate change; population growth; the failure of politics, just to identify a few. I have no doubt that we will come through this turbulence, but not without effective leadership. The internet is both read more


Rapidly Earn Trust and Respect

As a newly appointed leader, you have an obligation to earn trust and respect prior to being effective as the leader. The quicker you do that the quicker you can become effective. You won’t gain it quickly by being a know-it-all hero. You won’t gain it quickly by becoming popular. You’ll gain it by being read more


An Essential Task for Leaders

Leaders have so much to think about and do, more so these days than ever before. The biggest challenges are still around people. People are more mobile, expect more and can actually do more – provided they are effectively inspired, become motivated and are well developed. This then becomes an essential, if not the most read more


What Doesn’t Create Employee Engagement

I’m dismayed at the shallow attempts to improve employee engagement with gimmicks. I expect that employees are or will be too. Here’s a partial list: Employee satisfaction surveys that are looked at then filed and no further meaningful action taken. Regular streams of one way “communication” about the business coming from head office. “Happy Fridays” read more