Why Aren’t More Leaders Embracing Social Media?

Leaders are communicators, influencers and persuaders, yet apparently not via social media. Despite the vast number of other people, including the very people the leaders most wish to influence, using social media frequently, leaders aren’t there yet. I’ve seen various sometimes conflicting statistics, infographics and articles about this anomaly. There are some outstanding and high read more


Leadership Development Must be Practical

The programs that abound for “Leadership Development” should be split into those that deal with managing and those that deal with leading. Whilst it is true that today’s leaders must also manage and vice versa, we still need to separate the two, in my opinion, for one simple reason. I think management is the greatest read more


The Selfless Leader

As chairman and CEO he’d been the leader of the company he founded for twenty years. At this board meeting, his innovation team, a cross section of the company’s talent, presented the next generation of product and service mix his company would launch in the New Year. Key to the launch decision was the extent read more


On Unions

There I was, a newly appointed officer in the Australian Narcotics Bureau, now merged with the Australian Federal Police. I had been recruited from my previous role as 2IC of the Royal Australian Military Police School. I was seated in a room with the representative of the union that claimed to represent me; he was read more


Accidents, Mistakes, Conflict and Dysfunction – solving the problem at a strategic level

The huge ore truck slid sideways down the slope and then rolled as its load shifted. By the time it had reached the bottom of the open pit the ore had been scattered, the truck destroyed and the driver was dead. The investigation pointed to a number of causes: Driver fatigue Roadway too narrow Insufficient read more