Success is a very subjective word. It has different meanings for different people. In business however, it usually means sustainable growth and profitability. That is the holy grail of commerce. But there is a problem. It seems that the sustainable actually isn’t all that sustainable! Just look at the global economy right now, after so read more


Essential for Business – The Wings of Success

Major Insights Workplace Attitudes supported by Great Leadership Behaviour have the biggest impact on viability, productivity and sustainability. Structures, systems, product and service creation, productivity, acquisition and use of resources and talent, and stakeholder relationships are all dependent upon these two wings. Without these wings, the organisation is like a dodo – can’t fly, can’t read more


How to Build Trust and Respect as a Leader

Employee engagement is a hot topic right now, in partnership with performance and productivity. The concern over these critical requirements for success is warranted because we have a cause that isn’t getting the attention it deserves – that of leadership engagement. Leaders at all levels are largely missing in action, stymied by email, reporting, questionable read more


Leadership Reflection – for de-stressing and a high point in learning

A characteristic of seasoned effective leaders is that they can manage stress well or rather, de-stress rapidly. They are also life-long learners and realise that reflection is a high point in learning. The time during which they de-stress occurs whilst conducting a disciplined daily reflection period, where they ask themselves these 15 questions or something read more