How to Change Your Attitude with Attitudinal Competence

Your journey to achieving power over your attitudes and your ability to obtain, keep or modify any attitude you want, can start right here with this easy to read e-book.

It describes ways to deal with our negative feelings and how to use positive thinking to change them.

It is an excellent beginning to your bigger opportunity to gain Attitudinal Competence – your ability to select your best attitude for what’s happening, adapt it if needed and not be stuck with habitual attitudes.

It covers attitudes and beliefs, stress, your health, leadership, and your thoughts about those things that matter most to you. Laid out in a straight forward manner, you’ll want to keep this book handy to help you get through a wide range of difficult situations such as:

  • How to deal with stress
  • How to be grateful
  • How to deal with anger
  • Clarifying your values and your purpose
  • How to deal with grief and bereavement
  • Being happy

Once you discover the joy of having more power over your thoughts and feelings you may wish to go further and deepen the experience and help those close to you to do so as well.If that resonates with you then you may wish to look at Master the Power of Your Attitudes.

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