Why should you apply for this program?

You are already either an employed or self-employed executive, or an executive seeking new opportunities.

You are seeking to enhance your career by demonstrating effectiveness in your current position, as a trusted and respected leader who delivers worthy results.

You know that demonstrating effectiveness in your current role is the surest pathway to further success.

You know that disruption in the workplace is a hazard facing all executives and that you must disrupt yourself first before you get disrupted by others or situations.

You are ready to make a significant step change in your executive career.

You are ready and willing to commit to a 12-month coaching program that empowers you to:

You can engage in the program with full commitment and continue with your current role.

You understand that the program is customised precisely for you and your unique attributes.

You know the $17,000 (GST included) program is a worthwhile investment.

You can manage the initial payment of $5,000.00 and $1000.00 monthly by direct debit thereafter.

You’ll be working with our founder and chief education officer David Deane-Spread and will be one of only 10 selected executives working with David on this program at any one time.

You’ll develop a lasting relationship with David.

How Does the Program Work?

  1. Apply in writing to be shortlisted using the attached application form.
  2. Should you be unsuccessful in being shortlisted David will personally call you and explain why you weren’t and will suggest what you can do to become shortlisted.
  3. Should you be short listed David will call you to have a preliminary meeting to understand your current role and ensure you and David are willing to proceed.
  4. You will then sign the coaching agreement and pay the initial amount of $5000.00
  5. Once the payment is made you will receive a link to complete a comprehensive profiling tool that identifies your attributes and opportunities.
  6. David’s staff will then schedule the next four meetings for you and David to:
    1. Debrief the profiling tool results
    2. Gain a deeper understanding of your intentions and current role performance as well as any personal matters that you’d like assistance with.
    3. Obtain feedback from the workplace using Metattude’s effective feedback process.
    4. Identify the pathway forward for you.
    5. Choose real workplace and other situations, projects or opportunities against which to set and achieve short term and medium term goals.
    6. Agree on actions to be executed to achieve the goals
  7. We proceed with the program which includes, but is not limited to, the bullet points listed earlier.
  8. You have as many meetings with David as required to succeed in achieving all your objectives.
  9. You have unfettered access to David via telephone, email or other technology, subject to David being immediately available.
  10. This program is not based on hours but on value and success.
  11. You will receive such materials and intellectual property from David as is needed to help you achieve your goals.
  12. You will receive a journal from David and maintain a record of your program and progress.
  13. We will always measure progress and return on investment at relevant points.
  14. David will also observe you in action in your workplace to deeper understand your environment and the culture in which you operate.
  15. You and David both have the option of ceasing the program with a month’s notice in writing stating clearly the reasons why.  David’s primary reason for ceasing the program with a client is failure of the client to do the agreed work.
  16. Monies paid are not refundable.

Are You Committed to Being an Effective Successful Executive? If so, download the application form now.