Metattude is a boutique consultancy focusing on leader selection, development, performance and retention.

We are not recruiters, we are specialists in selecting leaders, onboarding them, developing them, enhancing their success and assisting their retention.

We ensure the right fit for the right role for the right time, with the future in mind.

We are experienced leaders in our own right, spanning the military, law-enforcement and commerce.  We have led effectively in very difficult situations.

We know how tough leadership can be.

This works equally for the prospective candidate and the prospective organisation, and importantly even for the unsuccessful short listed applicant.

Here’s Why

Our selection method is rigorous and revealing.

Short listed candidates can expect the following:

Executives seeking new roles can use our service to enhance their opportunities through structured development and preparation.   We are experienced executive coaches.

Can you back yourself?

If you are serious about seeking a new executive role, and believe you have a worthy track record, do yourself justice and contact our founder David Deane-Spread via our web site to arrange a confidential conversation.

Are You Committed to Being an Effective Successful Executive?

If you are, you may be interested in applying to join our Elite Executive Success Coaching Program