A recent survey by LinkedIn of Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific shows that 69% of businesses are pessimistic about finding needed leadership talent, whether from inside or outside.

The talent gap is in people skills and leadership behaviour competencies.

This gap is crucial to overcome if organisations are to thrive in these disruptive times.

The cost of the wrong fit is high.  Gallup says 82% of management hires are the wrong fit.

Half of newly hired executives quit or are fired within the first three years.

Almost as many who change jobs or are promoted (40%) fail within the first 18 months.

We won’t let that happen to your organisation.

We make sure we understand the depth of the role; the traits and expertise required; and what the role should be.  This is all done before we start to help you search for the right candidate.

We don’t just recommend the best candidate from the applicants. We’d recommend keeping the position vacant for a short time, until the right person is appointed.

We interview and test to ensure the person we recommend will succeed in the role.

We have a rigorous, unconventional and very pragmatic approach to our process.

We make no assumptions about on-boarding executives.  We are committed to thorough on-boarding.  It protects your organisation and the people involved.

We provide a thorough coaching based approach which helps the appointee succeed, earning the trust and respect of the company.

Here’s Why We Succeed

Before you choose the conventional path to executive search and selection, contact our founder and chair, David Deane-Spread for a confidential and obligation free discussion.

We know how crucial this conversation is.

Read this testimonial from a delighted appointee.

I first met David in May of 2015. I had engaged in a recruitment process for a multi-hospital COO role to be based in the Middle East.

David had been engaged to undertake both psychometric testing and an intensive interview process over the short listed candidates of which I was one. The environment into which this role was to be based was challenging whilst for the company concerned it was an imperative that the right person be appointed into this key contract.

I have been in the work force for some 32 years, at least 20 of that operating at a senior level and my career has seen me bounce around various employers in different countries. Subsequently I personally have seen many executive firms engaged in these processes either as a subject of these processes or as an employer putting these processes over candidates for executive level roles.

The psychometric process run by David is known as the Tri Metrix EQ Assessment Tool. Rather than the two-minute noodle version which many organisations appear to have adopted in recent times – which in my opinion is a waste of time to the candidate and client – the Tri Metrix EQ Assessment was a thorough deep dive. The assessment report that came out of the assessment provided at least in my case an insightful and valuable view as to my leadership development, behaviours and motivators, the tool also blending these and explaining both the relevance of these traits but also how best to manage and develop these in the personal and business world. I continue to refer to the report on a regular basis.

The tool itself was complimented by an intense two-hour long interview process. It was evident that David had researched the environment into which the role would be based as all the questions were pertinent and highly insightful. The questions were also clearly linked into the Assessment Tool, the interview serving to explore elements identified in the Assessment and link into situations likely to be encountered in the role. David and I laugh about it now but the two-hour meeting was easily the most intensive I had ever engaged in my career. There was science in this as well with the process seeking to find the “real person” in a stressful situation reflecting the nature of the role.

In all of this I found David to be a no-nonsense business man, clearly highly intelligent and gifted in this line of work, the tools and techniques he used being scientifically based and are relevant and insightful to both the candidate and the employer. David has continued to personally keep in touch which is also something unique. I have found David to have an engaging presence, a man of integrity and down-to-earth nature with a clear passion in wanting people to excel and be the best they can.

To employers and to people seeking to better themselves in either the business or personal world I have no reservations in commending David to their attention. I certainly intend to engage his services in future processes I will be running for key roles.

Stephen Smith
Managing Director, Business Systems and Special Projects
Fullerton Health Group

September 7, 2016