There’s a critical thing about leaders that is often overlooked.  Whilst everyone expects them to be high performing individuals, and they are mainly that, what is often overlooked is whether they are a high performance leadership team.

To be a high performing leadership team requires more than individual high performance.

I worked recently with a leadership team, all high performers in their own right, and I asked them to write down, without sharing with the others, what their group mission was for the period.

Later I asked them to compare what they had written.  They were all quite different.   I asked them what impact that might have on the business being able to achieve the actual agreed mission.

Clearly there were mixed messages being sent throughout the company, negatively impacting on results.

They weren’t as much of a team as they thought they were.

A high performing leadership team is essential for success.

In fact, the leadership team needs to be absolutely clear about where they must be elite; where they must be high performing, and where they must be compliant.

It is not possible to be elite or high performing in everything and always, therefore they must know where they direct their energy.

With our expertise in creating and enhancing elite and high performance leadership teams, grounded in our past of covert and special forces activity we help your leadership to rapidly gain the skills needed to deliver outstanding results.

Our primary method is a coaching/mentoring approach, both group and individual.

If this approach appeals to you contact David Deane-Spread via this web site to discover how beneficial this can be for your organisation.