Steering clear of a toxic culture

This article originally appeared in Company Director Magazine on 01 Aug 2013

An ability to sense a toxic culture can separate great directors from the good and merely competent. Tony Featherstone suggests some ways in which the board can help drive, measure and monitor a high-performance culture. Few directors understand the challenge of organisational culture better than General Peter Cosgrove. The former chief of the Australian Defence Force has read more


Secret of my success

This article originally appeared on The Daily Telegraph on 23 March 2015

PETER King started his business in 1995 with a second-hand van and $400 worth of tools. Today, his Alexandria-based KP Electric is one of the country’s biggest electrical contracting businesses, with 180 staff, 14 offices and depots across Australia, and turnover of $30 million a year. Business Daily: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received in read more


Impersonating a heroin dealer taught me about trust

This article originally appeared at SmartCompany Magazine on 27 February 2015

During my career as an undercover investigator leading covert operations I was responsible for gaining the trust of highly paranoid and suspicious criminals. The process could take months and my cover would be kept right up until the last moment. In my current role as a leadership coach and business mentor I’ve advised senior politicians, read more


Have you hired a workplace psychopath?

This article originally appeared at SmartCompany Magazine on Thursday, March 26 2015

They are charming and manage upward well, but could your latest hire be masking sociopathic tendencies? Australian research has concluded that a quarter of workplace bullying is conducted by just one percent of the workforce, otherwise known as corporate or workplace psychopaths. Here are the key traits suspicious employers should look for: 1. Lack of read more