Metattude’s Enterprise Hierarchy of Success Model

All human endeavour, whether individual or collective, has a hierarchy of success that, if sustainability is sought, is constant.Metattudes Enterprise Hierarchy of Success Model
It begins with the ideal – our values, what really matter to us.
We then select a vision that expresses those values.
We acquire effective leadership of self and others to live the values and achieve the vision.
We ensure we have the right people in the right places from the outset – or we’ll always be playing catch up.
Then we ensure we have effective communications flowing through the enterprise, keeping everyone in the picture and on the same page.
We design an effective strategy by including the right people in the planning, not just the senior leaders.
We ensure we have the appropriate culture to execute the plan and that they are enabled by effective systems and processes.
We ensure we always have the appropriate resources available and that we are continuously improving, learning, innovating and creating.
We ensure our efforts are aligned to our desired market and that all our stakeholders are delighted with our performance.
When we’ve achieved our vision we reset it and continue our model of sustainable growth and profitability, adding real value to our stakeholders and wider community, always remaining in honour.
Could you use this model to achieve success for your organisation?