Dr Vince Hughes

Dr Vince Hughes

Dr Vince Hughes is the current CEO of Crime Stoppers WA.  He has held senior public sector roles at the Public Sector Commission, WA Police, Corruption and Crime Commission and the National Crime Authority.

Previously he was a police officer in the Republic of Ireland.

He has published papers on knowledge management and intelligence.

Vince has a demonstrated history of successful work in the public safety industry.

He is skilled in Government, Leadership Development, Project Management, Investigation, and Public Policy.

Vince is also a strong business development professional with a Doctorate in Business Administration. His thesis was focussed on ‘Intelligence and Knowledge Management’​.

As an Executive and Assistant Director in the Public Sector Commission, Vince was responsible for leadership development programs for senior public servants.

Vince is a professional presenter and lecturer and a former visiting fellow at the Australian Institute of Police Management.