Simon Bowen

Simon Bowen

Simon Bowen is Australia’s #1 Authority on Visual Based Thinking.

Whether it’s communicating a new strategy to the Board, driving a critical project, or converting a customer to a purchase – clear, effective communication is the key … and Simon has the proven system to get the results.

As a dynamic change agent, consultant, facilitator, executive coach, speaker and author, Simon Bowen is highly sought after by the CEOs of some of Australia’s biggest corporations, heads of Government, the military as well as SME business owners because of his transformational impact on the organisations he serves.

With over 20 years experience as the Managing Director of consulting company, Rosscrae International, and with his total focus analysing the keys to success, Simon understands how organisations tick, how they can improve, and what separates the outstanding from the average.

Where Simon really excels is with his unique ability to convert ambiguous, complex issues into crystal clear, engaging conversations that lead to a conversion of thought.

He simplifies the complex and makes it tangible through his unique proprietary process “From Verbal to Visual” to accelerate results.

Simon’s clients are genuinely astounded at how quickly he can lead either a team, or an entire organisation, to take ownership and move toward higher goals, through his proven, research-backed process.

Having started his working life as an automotive electrician in country Western Australia, that practical “just get-it-done” ethic has never left him.  Combined with a couple of degrees in education and adult education, and a Graduate Diploma in Business, Simon’s mix of real practicality, with structured, researched solutions and rich understanding of human nature, allows him to bring a unique clarity to most situations.

In addition to his formal qualifications and rich experience, Simon is an accredited facilitator for the DiSC Behavioural Profiling System, an accredited facilitator for The talent Dynamics System, a Master Neuro Linguistics Practitioner, Master Performance Coach, qualified Eriksonian Hypnosis practitioner and is a very experienced “business issues” facilitator.

Dynamic and thought provoking, Simon’s creativity and enthusiasm makes him the perfect catalyst for your success.