The Essence of Attitudinal Competence

Your journey to achieving power over your attitudes and your ability to obtain,
keep or modify any attitude you want, can start right here with this succinct guide to Attitudinal Competence.

Once you discover the joy of having more power over your thoughts and feelings you may wish to go further and deepen the experience and help those close to you to do so as well.

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FaCTTS is a mnemonic for the integration of facilitation, coaching, training, teaching and speaking. Download this free summary to read how its done.

The Workplace Psychopath

Australian research concluded that 26% of workplace bullying is conducted by 1% of the employee population, who are regarded as “corporate psychopaths”. Are you working with a psychopath? Download this free article to read about their traits…

Warning: E-mail Can Harm Your Relationships!

The proliferation of the e-mail has created an interesting situation. Its benefits are many, such as rapid transmission of documents, information transfer, reminders, agreements to meet etc., to a person, or many people simultaneously.

However, the e-mail system when over-used or abused, can lead to the breakdown of meaning and intentions and can cause relationships to deteriorate.

Your Most Important Learnable Skill – without which you are handicapped!

When I was in primary school, I believed I was incompetent at maths. My examination results continually provided me with the hard evidence that this was so. My negative attitude and matching outcomes dogged me throughout my education.

As an adult I went on to create successful businesses and became adept at reading balance sheets, profit and loss statements and other essential financial reports. I also became adept at financial modelling and planning for my business interests.

I realised that my earlier attitude to maths was inaccurate and that I had begun each examination with the full expectation that I would “not get it” and fail. I made it so!

Many of our attitudes, which are our thoughts and feelings towards anything and everything, are limiting or negative, aren’t they? Many of them are inaccurate as well as hurtful, aren’t they?

The Prime Requisite for Excellence is Attitudinal Competence (Att-C®)

Att-C® is the ability to generate, sustain or adapt the best attitude for any situation, to achieve the best outcome, and not be stuck with habitual attitudes. Isn’t “Attitude” the primary determinant of “Behaviour”? Isn’t behaviour the biggest contributor to the quality and effectiveness of response, performance and achievement? Isn’t this the case whether you’re an individual, a team, an organisation, a community or a nation? Usual attitudes determine usual behaviours and they in turn create usual outcomes. Examine your own experiences and test this. How many times can you recall others’ attitudes letting them down in their actions or words?

Who loves bureaucracy?

Bureaucracy – “any administration where action is impeded by unnecessary procedures”.

In your own organization, do you ever think “Why are we doing this?” or “Why aren’t things moving as planned or desired? Do you notice people becoming more difficult to deal with? Do you sense a rising level of frustration? Has your workplace lost its shine? Perhaps it’s becoming a bureaucracy.

Often unnoticed in an organization’s growth is a tendency towards bureaucracy. It’s rarely intentional, yet very common.

Using KPI for Success in Personal Life

The core concepts of the “Balanced Scorecard” by Kaplan and Norton, have been widely adopted across commerce, industry and government, as an effective process for measuring and improving the sustainable performance of the organization.

Central to the Balanced Scorecard concept are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) relevant to the particular organization. These are the primary areas, all of which must be measured and improved, if the organisation is to achieve sustainable success. For instance “operating costs”, “employee morale”, “customer satisfaction” and “revenue” would be some KPI for a sales-oriented organization.

As an attitudinal, performance and leadership coach for executives and high performers, I see the relevance in establishing personal KPI for sustainable success in the whole of one’s life. We humans are always better able to improve that which we can measure.

The Power of Respect in the Workplace

People and organizations naturally include respect in their list of important values. Yet so often, at all levels and areas, people complain that respect is missing. Every person is a sovereign entity and is owned by nobody. Nothing but force can change that. Therefore people will choose to follow only those whom they respect.

Standing in Your Own Light – Your Power to Listen, Question and Think

Other articles have spoken of attitude, awareness, personal mind control, values, purpose and goals. Those who have flexibility, understanding and skill in these areas are those who most achieve a fulfilling life. These people stand in their own light. They are unafraid of being their best and the simple self-discipline of consistent correct practice. The primary skills these people practice is that of thorough listening, great questioning and useful thinking.