How to Re-Earn Trust

Gordon (not his real name) had just been appointed head of his firm’s large regional office, after four years as a senior sales manager there. He was aware that it was an unpopular choice, having earned the mistrust of three long serving key people he’d criticised and re-deployed whilst in his previous role.    They were read more


Why Do You Want to Be a Leader?

I was a nineteen-year-old when asked that question during my army officer selection board interview. My answer was simple and naïve. I want to serve my country doing something I believe I’d enjoy. I will receive training and experience that I couldn’t obtain elsewhere. My family history is one of military service as commissioned officers. read more


Two Critical Skills for Now and Beyond – will you acquire or improve them?

I’ve been working with senior leaders and technical or operational experts for nearly two decades in my role as a leadership consultant coach and facilitator. I’m struck with the number of people overwhelmed by the ambiguities, volatilities and disruptive changes of our times. I’m also amazed by the extent that there exists broken relationships inside read more