The Australian Leadership Crisis

Not all Australian leaders are incompetent or morally bankrupt. Just too many in too many crucial positions. Such as in politics (all sides), where they’ve forsaken the good of the country for their own good. Such as the big banks where they’ve forsaken their employees, customers and shareholders for their own disgustingly generous and totally read more


Hold Them Accountable – Really?

I observed a monthly meeting of a senior leadership team. Present were the CEO and COO and their 8 direct reports – all general managers. When it came time to report on deliverables, the bulk of the reports explained why their objectives hadn’t yet been met. As the last excuse was delivered the CEO shot read more


Do You Remember or Can You Imagine?

Do you remember when you were helped by an amazing person? Who never judged you, yet asked you for your best. Who believed in you, stood beside you, urged you on. Who gave you the glory for your achievement and accepted responsibility for what didn’t work. Do you remember what distinguished that person from others? read more


The Problems with HR

I have met some really wonderful, expert HR professionals in my time. They know their stuff. They are trusted and respected by the whole organisation. They are also in the minority. Sadly there are too many of a different kind. They are usually savvy when it comes to process. Many are idealistic about their value read more