Tips for Dealing with a Culture of Avoidance

Avoidance of dealing with unacceptable behaviour and performance can be a big part of the culture of many organisations across commerce and government, costing them loss of talent, productivity, innovation and opportunity. This avoidance culture leaves the organisation vulnerable to serious disruption by competitors who are more agile and performance focused with a culture of read more


The Simple Main Reason Why Most Organisational Change Initiatives Fail

If the collective brain doesn’t rewire sufficiently to embrace the desired change, the result is failure to change. It’s that simple. The many elaborate change models used by organisations have the astoundingly consistent failure rate of 70%. Most of those models do not adequately address the reality that change will not occur in the person read more


Leading into the Unknown

People ask their leaders for certainty, even when the evidence is that certainty is a rarity. Think of the experts who predicted that Trump couldn’t win. It is likely that most of our predictions will be wrong in some way, sometimes significantly. How then can we as leaders move forward into an unknown, unreliable future, read more


How I Helped a Significant Change Challenge Be Successful

The new CEO of the privately held engineering business was faced with a challenge – how to restructure to cope with the declining resource sector. The previous CEO had built the business as the resource sector boomed and had retired in time to avoid the inevitable adjustments now faced by his successor. The new CEO, read more


Don’t Change! Adapt, Adjust, Improve, Create or Innovate Instead!

I’m tired of the expression “change management”! Firstly the statistics are that 70% of change programs fail. Secondly, change is a directionless word. What we really mean is adapting or improving, adjusting, innovating or creating. When people are told they must change, it evokes resistance. When they are asked how we might adapt and improve, read more