How to Re-Earn Trust

Gordon (not his real name) had just been appointed head of his firm’s large regional office, after four years as a senior sales manager there. He was aware that it was an unpopular choice, having earned the mistrust of three long serving key people he’d criticised and re-deployed whilst in his previous role.    They were read more


How Leaders Can Earn Trust and Respect and Keep It

If there’s diminished trust and respect in a leader, then there’s equally diminished performance and productivity. Right? Trust and respect go hand in glove and it is rare that a leader is trusted but not respected or vice versa. Trust and respect must be earned, and where the leader must go first. We all fundamentally read more


The Essence of Trust

Whether we are a leader or team member, we all seek to be trusted and to trust others. I distil trust into the three “C’s” which must be present to earn trust. Consistent Care and Competence. If we are caring or compassionate yet incompetent, then we cannot earn trust. If we are competent yet do read more


How to Earn Trust and Respect in the Workplace

People and organisations usually include trust and respect in their list of important values. They go hand in hand. Earning trust and respect is a key requirement of leaders, isn’t it? Yet so often people complain that those values are breached or missing. We cannot expect that trust and respect is granted automatically because of read more


9 Crucial Leadership Challenges

Most leaders were initially chosen to lead because of their technical or operational capability. Most of those that then make it through to the higher echelons of leadership are chosen because of their alleged track record and their relationships with their seniors and allied networks. The very few who also possess or acquire outstanding people read more