The Truth About Changing Other People

I’ve spent three decades helping people become better leaders. Here’s my take of whether we can change others. We can’t. All we can do is model, inspire, persuade, or coach, and the result we’ll achieve is in direct proportion to their desire and effort to succeed. Also, whether our message or training is effectively delivered. read more


You Can Learn Leadership Presence

I’ve noticed lately that leadership or executive presence is getting increasing airspace. Some people are calling it the “X factor” in leadership. I’m frequently engaged to coach leaders in enhancing their leadership presence. In the military we had to learn it from scratch, because we were so young at the time. I was only nineteen. read more


The Six Top Skills That Great Leadership Teams Have

The leadership team consists of all the leaders in the organisation, not just the top tier. A front line supervisor is a leader too. The great leadership team creates these skills, by first agreement then consistent correct practice: They all agree on and live the values. Every action is results-oriented towards fulfilling the vision, mission read more