The Misnomer of Future Proofing

Whenever I hear the expression ‘future proofing’ I shudder with distaste for term. It’s really about innovation, adaptability and influencing. Not becoming immune to or sheltered from the future. Here’s my take on it: You can’t ‘future proof’. The future’s going to happen anyway, mostly beyond your control. If you think you can predict the read more


Protect Your Earning Power, Not Your Job

2017 will be the year that many people become very concerned about their jobs. Automation (via artificial intelligence and robotics) is replacing many aspects of work. If your role contains work that is predictable, logical, routine and data driven, then those functions will be replaced by technology very soon. No longer can you think about read more


A Dangerous Lack of Courage in Leadership

A prerequisite of effective leadership is the presence of courage. In this VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) we are witnessing the presence of fear in many of our leaders across the board – fleeing, fighting or frozen. The symptoms are: Much talk, little action – ineffective meetings that lead nowhere. Confused understanding and read more


Improving the Australian Post Millennials – Generation Z

Australia has a number of challenges with the up and coming Generation Z (those currently aged between 18 and 30). Too many are obese, are binge drinkers and drug users, screen addicted, self-absorbed and still dependent upon their ageing parents for accommodation and domestic support. Too many do little for anyone other than themselves. Australia read more


Don’t Creative Leaders Need To Be The Most Creative?

There is rightly a greater focus these days on leaders needing to be creative, thanks to the disruptive changes taking place in technology, aging, climate and economics. However should they be the most creative in the team? I believe they don’t, though they require access to the best creative minds for their purpose. In commerce, read more