Executive Coaching at the Right and Best Level

There is a ubiquitous crisis of leadership in the workplace. Gallup says 82% of managers are the wrong fit. Executives are both leaders and managers.   They lead people and manage processes and things. We can’t manage people, we can only either lead them or not. Sadly, most executives are chosen, not for pre-existing leadership or read more


The Root Cause of Unacceptable Behaviour in the Workplace

Most people behave acceptably at work, despite too high a level of employee disengagement across the entire workforce. However there is a minority of people who behave unacceptably and are definitely disengaged. These people cause the greatest problems and weaken the enterprise culture dramatically. This is where I get most requests for help, when the read more


The Six Statements of Effective Interaction

Recently I have worked with a variety of clients who each asked me to help their people through difficult situations such as redundancy and re-deployment and other disruptive changes, as well as dealing with difficult people and relationships. I investigated each client’s culture and situation and came up with six statements that actually applied to read more