Breaking an Annoying Leadership Habit

Max (not his real name) was my new client, a CEO of a mid-sized infrastructure service provider (industry changed for privacy). He had asked me to help him improve his leadership skills. I agreed because he had the ‘learner’s attitude’, despite his solid experience as a respected senior leader.  He believed in continuous improvement and read more


Metattude’s Enterprise Hierarchy of Success Model

All human endeavour, whether individual or collective, has a hierarchy of success that, if sustainability is sought, is constant. It begins with the ideal – our values, what really matter to us. We then select a vision that expresses those values. We acquire effective leadership of self and others to live the values and achieve read more


But I’ve Already Told Them!

How many times have you heard a frustrated manager say “But I’ve already told them!”? When I ask a client, who has just aid that, the question “When did you tell them?” I invariably get told of the specific time when it was said. The problem is that we need to hear important things said read more


Soft Skills a Misnomer

How come we call people skills ‘soft skills’ when they appear to be the most challenging, difficult and needed skills in commerce and government, requiring courage, authenticity and practice? I wonder if they were named by a boss who was scared to be seen as both caring and competent and wanted to be seen as read more


Getting from Boardroom Thinking to Desired Results

The gap between strategy coming from the boardroom and actual execution is still too wide. The only three causes of the gap are Fear, Habits and Ignorance. We are not inclusive in our planning because we fear being vulnerable, or that we may be challenged, or misunderstood. We forget that every worthwhile decision causes a read more