Speed or Timeliness: A Strategy Issue

I hear and see organisations and their gurus banging the drum of speed. Speed is associated with winning, beating the competition, grasping the fleeting opportunity, responding to the disruptive forces of technology, economic conditions and the volatility of almost everything. Some say that speed is the saint of strategy, or else opportunity is stolen by read more


Why The Gap Between Strategy and Execution?

The chief operating officer asked me to have a coffee with him to share an idea with me. I said “Sure and you know I’ll be sending you an invoice if I can be of assistance.” I could sense his smile as he replied “Of course David – not a problem.” We met and soon read more


As Leader What Would Happen If You…

Made a list of all the important unresolved issues/opportunities/challenges in your business. Calculated the cost of doing nothing about resolving each of those unresolved matters. Calculated the potential return on investment for resolving each of them. Created a plan to deal with the most crucial. Executed that plan effectively. Do you think it would be read more


Strategy Execution – A Useless Misnomer

There is a much complained-about gap between strategy and results. There is also a thriving consulting business in attempting to close that gap. It has given rise to jargon, misnomers and other rubbish that thwarts the desired outcomes. Executing strategy is actually executing the tactics that make up the strategy. We implement strategy and execute read more


Is Your Strategic Planning Process Inclusive?

The gap between strategy and outcome is often too great, isn’t it? When we speak of the strategic planning process we include implementation and execution, don’t we? If not then we are creating the first opportunity for the dreaded gap. However, we don’t need everyone involved in strategy to be involved in execution. We just read more