The Battle Between Ethics and Money

Last week Mark Zuckerberg made an adjustment to the News section of Facebook, vowing to have personal interaction reclaim the lead in Facebook activity. He said that he realised as a father he wanted his children to remember him for doing something that was good for humanity. The share price of Facebook dropped that day. read more


Decide on Deliberate Disruption

We live in disruptive times, don’t we? The great have fallen and the many small have disappeared before they were even noticed. Memories of Kodak, Enron, Pan Am, Blockbuster Video and Nokia remain with us. Start-ups have become global leaders and disrupters inside a decade. Facebook, Ali Baba, LinkedIn in the digital world and Uber read more


Why Aren’t More Leaders Embracing Social Media?

Leaders are communicators, influencers and persuaders, yet apparently not via social media. Despite the vast number of other people, including the very people the leaders most wish to influence, using social media frequently, leaders aren’t there yet. I’ve seen various sometimes conflicting statistics, infographics and articles about this anomaly. There are some outstanding and high read more