The Misnomer of Future Proofing

Whenever I hear the expression ‘future proofing’ I shudder with distaste for term. It’s really about innovation, adaptability and influencing. Not becoming immune to or sheltered from the future. Here’s my take on it: You can’t ‘future proof’. The future’s going to happen anyway, mostly beyond your control. If you think you can predict the read more


9 Crucial Leadership Challenges

Most leaders were initially chosen to lead because of their technical or operational capability. Most of those that then make it through to the higher echelons of leadership are chosen because of their alleged track record and their relationships with their seniors and allied networks. The very few who also possess or acquire outstanding people read more


The Simplest Way to be Great

I’ve spent many years observing and learning from great people. Some of them are high profile, but most are the opposite. The difference between authentically great people who are high profile, and those who are low profile, depends only upon media interest. They are great not because of what they do – that is a read more