The Millennial Myth is a Tip of the Iceberg

Stop, I say – we are all human with similar predictable needs, established over the millennia. We need clarity of agreement about values, vision, goals, tasks and roles. We need clarity about our value to the team, organisation or community. We need acknowledgement for achieving agreed outcomes. We need clarity about the possibilities for our read more


Ban the Embedded Executive Bonus

I come from the military where traditional bonuses don’t exist. Our incentive for joining the military was exciting work (we were young) and serving our nation. Very quickly our incentives became and remain, the well-being of our team mates, our esprit de corps, and our interest in our work. Do You Recognise This? My first read more


Your Worth is Your Honour

We forget the true value of many things these days. Everything seems to be measured by its monetary value. Monetising everything seems to be the driver for so many of us. Yet money itself has no real value, it is merely representing value, if we accept the currency. The true value is our honourable effort. read more


Expectations or Agreements?

I listened to the CEO address his senior managers at their annual conference. He painted a picture of new growth and opportunity, sharing his vision for the coming year and how it aligned with the bigger and longer term vision. I watched his managers pay genuine attention to the oration. It was indeed inspiring. The read more


How to Earn Trust and Respect in the Workplace

People and organisations usually include trust and respect in their list of important values. They go hand in hand. Earning trust and respect is a key requirement of leaders, isn’t it? Yet so often people complain that those values are breached or missing. We cannot expect that trust and respect is granted automatically because of read more