Diversity – the key to beyond Collaboration

Collaboration is a peak performance goal in business.   There is a reasonable belief that through collaboration we can harness the best of ourselves to achieve something great. Diversity in business is seen as a much lesser priority. The value of diversity is rooted in two principles: Equality (gender, race, age, disability, religion etc.). Richness and read more


Tips for Dealing with a Culture of Avoidance

Avoidance of dealing with unacceptable behaviour and performance can be a big part of the culture of many organisations across commerce and government, costing them loss of talent, productivity, innovation and opportunity. This avoidance culture leaves the organisation vulnerable to serious disruption by competitors who are more agile and performance focused with a culture of read more


The Misnomer of Future Proofing

Whenever I hear the expression ‘future proofing’ I shudder with distaste for term. It’s really about innovation, adaptability and influencing. Not becoming immune to or sheltered from the future. Here’s my take on it: You can’t ‘future proof’. The future’s going to happen anyway, mostly beyond your control. If you think you can predict the read more


The Last Stand of the Dinosaurs

A dinosaur in this context is anyone who has been in a large organisation for long enough to have lost their desire and ability to truly innovate, create or just improve products, service, systems, process or reason for being. We are either disrupting or being disruptive; we are either challenging the status quo or we read more


Time to Terminate Toxic Behaviour

Allowing or tolerating toxic behaviour in the workplace kills: productivity talent customers innovation Those four points are crucial components of an organisation’s purpose, capability and sustainability. Harvard Business School calculates that to replace a toxic worker costs $12489, compared to the $5303 benefit from hiring a top performer. A competent yet toxic employee does more read more