Self-Awareness – A Foundation Skill for Exceptional Leadership

Gary was a very competent and confident CEO. His people knew he was an expert and would mostly lead them down the right path. That however, didn’t stop them not trusting him.  It didn’t stop good talent from leaving. The reason they didn’t trust Gary was that they felt Gary did not care for them. read more


Is Leadership Dead?

I’ve read people claiming leadership is now dead, and it’s the time of the team. They then go on to promote their expertise in team building. I say “What a load of bull – – it!” At worst, formal leadership may be absent in team, unsatisfactorily replaced by haphazard informal leadership and group-think. Teams need read more


How We Disrupted Executive Hiring

George (name changed), the CEO of one of our clients, rang me and said “David, we’ve got a problem”. Turns out that two of five direct reports to George were proving to be the wrong fit.  They were causing disengagement of talent in their teams and weren’t collaborating with the other three peers, an essential read more


Our Request to Our Leader

That you will never stop developing yourself, for we need you at your ever developing best. That you will always model and champion our highest values. That you will gather those around you who are even smarter and more capable than you, for you need us to achieve the vision and you don’t know everything. read more


The Top 3 Causes of the Unhealthy Leadership Ego and How to Overcome Them

There are many talented leaders out there who are severely limited by their unhealthy ego. Here are the top three causes of that unhealthy ego: Fear They fear being wrong; being ‘found out’; losing their illusion of control; losing their position. They often disguise it with expressions like ‘I’m concerned’; ‘I don’t like’; ‘not right read more