The Top Skill Everyone Needs Now

The World Health Organization states that stress will be the MAJOR cause of disability in the world by 2030. If we are paying attention to what’s happening globally and locally we see that global economic uncertainty, the coming jobs impact of artificial intelligence and robotics, climate change and weird political swings to the right and read more


The Five Contemporary Bottom Lines

I remember when there was once only one ‘bottom line’ – financial, i.e. profit. Next there was the double bottom line – profit and people. Then I heard about the triple bottom line – financial, social and environmental. And then I heard about the quadruple bottom line – profit, people, planet and purpose. Now in read more


The Leaders’ Pentagonal Mindset

In helping my senior leader clients master their role, I ask them to consider developing a pentagonal mindset. The foundational element is values. Values are the rules of the game, why and how we think and behave. To break them is to be in dishonour. A dishonourable leader has no future. The next element is read more


Soft Skills a Misnomer

How come we call people skills ‘soft skills’ when they appear to be the most challenging, difficult and needed skills in commerce and government, requiring courage, authenticity and practice? I wonder if they were named by a boss who was scared to be seen as both caring and competent and wanted to be seen as read more


Competitive Business Models are Redundant

Business, whether to consumers or other businesses, can no longer afford to operate under a competitive model or mindset. Large dinosaurs (remember Kodak) that move slowly, with shareholder value top of mind, may continue to seek dominance. But they’ll be gone before they know it. Being competitive in business now when information and choice is read more