Breaking an Annoying Leadership Habit

Max (not his real name) was my new client, a CEO of a mid-sized infrastructure service provider (industry changed for privacy). He had asked me to help him improve his leadership skills. I agreed because he had the ‘learner’s attitude’, despite his solid experience as a respected senior leader.  He believed in continuous improvement and read more


The Two Top Skills Every Leader Needs Now

Asking and listening – that’s it. Gone are the days when leaders could just be command and control addicts. Gone are the days when leaders are anointed the alleged gurus in their field. Educated informed and concerned employees worth their salt need more than gurus and bosses. Google is guru and bosses are dinosaurs. Today’s read more


But I’ve Already Told Them!

How many times have you heard a frustrated manager say “But I’ve already told them!”? When I ask a client, who has just aid that, the question “When did you tell them?” I invariably get told of the specific time when it was said. The problem is that we need to hear important things said read more


Better Leaders Ask More Than Tell

I observed the CEO addressing his five direct reports, all C-level executives.  It was their routine weekly update, a short loose agenda meeting, designed to keep each other in the picture.  No great detail was required, just a dashboard approach. What dismayed me was the time the CEO took explaining what he thought, wanted, found, read more