Executive Coaching at the Right and Best Level

There is a ubiquitous crisis of leadership in the workplace. Gallup says 82% of managers are the wrong fit. Executives are both leaders and managers.   They lead people and manage processes and things. We can’t manage people, we can only either lead them or not. Sadly, most executives are chosen, not for pre-existing leadership or read more


Contemporary Root Cause Analysis

Sakichi Toyoda created the 5 Why’s as a technique to identify root causes of defects in manufacturing and production. The example used in Wikipedia illustrates how that works: The vehicle will not start. (the problem) Why?– The battery is dead. (First why) Why?– The alternator is not functioning. (Second why) Why?– The alternator belt has read more


Confusing Leadership with Management

Just because most leaders also have management functions, and similarly most managers also have leadership functions, doesn’t mean that leadership and management are the same thing. Speaking of management when you mean leadership and vice versa is a part of why we have a leadership deficit. When I hear someone say “I’m a people manager” read more


The Culture of Entitlement

“I have been here for 7 years and I deserve to promoted to this (leadership/management) position” said the indignant team member. The problem was she had never worked harder or longer to complete difficult or urgent tasks, always saying it was 5pm and she had been there since exactly 8am. She had meticulously taken all read more


Decide on Deliberate Disruption

We live in disruptive times, don’t we? The great have fallen and the many small have disappeared before they were even noticed. Memories of Kodak, Enron, Pan Am, Blockbuster Video and Nokia remain with us. Start-ups have become global leaders and disrupters inside a decade. Facebook, Ali Baba, LinkedIn in the digital world and Uber read more