Two Crucial Questions in Challenging Resistance to Organisational Change or Improvement

We are all facing continuous, even disruptive change or improvement, aren’t we? We have all experienced a natural resistance and even rejection of change, especially if it is forced upon us. Whilst most of us eventually accept change that makes sense, some of us are very resistant for a variety of reasons, such as the read more


The Leaders’ Elite Performance Thinking Guide

I seek a legacy of elite performance, in an environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). I have learnt that the counter to VUCA is Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility. I know that the root human causes of all our challenges are fear, habits and ignorance. I know that their remedies are courage, better read more


Elite or High Performance – What’s the Difference?

Just like with ‘employee engagement’, the world is now pursuing ‘high performance’. Everywhere consultants and coaches are beating the drum of high performance. It’s an admirable pursuit amid the sea of mediocrity isn’t it? I’m helping my clients be ‘elite’, because I don’t think high performance is any more than normal now and I want read more


The Effective Leader’s Mindset

Everything we do, whether leader or not, begins with our mindset, doesn’t it? So what characterises the effective leader’s mindset? Firstly let’s agree on what we mean by ‘effective leader’. After all, deploying a workplace psychopath to lead a short term essential crucial task may be justified. She’ll get the job done, at whatever the read more


Competitive Business Models are Redundant

Business, whether to consumers or other businesses, can no longer afford to operate under a competitive model or mindset. Large dinosaurs (remember Kodak) that move slowly, with shareholder value top of mind, may continue to seek dominance. But they’ll be gone before they know it. Being competitive in business now when information and choice is read more