The Culture of Entitlement

“I have been here for 7 years and I deserve to promoted to this (leadership/management) position” said the indignant team member. The problem was she had never worked harder or longer to complete difficult or urgent tasks, always saying it was 5pm and she had been there since exactly 8am. She had meticulously taken all read more


Hold Them Accountable – Really?

I observed a monthly meeting of a senior leadership team. Present were the CEO and COO and their 8 direct reports – all general managers. When it came time to report on deliverables, the bulk of the reports explained why their objectives hadn’t yet been met. As the last excuse was delivered the CEO shot read more


How Australian Enterprise Leaders Can Capitalise on Australia Day

If you’re like most Australians, Tuesday was the day you watched your favourite summer sport, relaxed and socialised, watched the fireworks and maybe thought about how grateful we are to be Australian. If you want to achieve even more value from the day, start thinking about your people. The Australian of the Year Awards are read more


The Performance Mastery App

Work is rapidly evolving. People are becoming far more conscious of what matters most and it isn’t just about work. People are well and truly over the old ways of performance management and command and control. They are looking for meaning, value, appreciation, being included and making a difference. Technology has enabled us to be read more


Can You Effectively Hold Your Direct Reports Accountable?

Just saying “I’m holding you accountable for delivering this” does not mean that accountability has been achieved, even if the response is “OK”. I recently sat in on the monthly meetings of an executive team over three months and heard the leader repeatedly say “I’m holding you accountable for our agreements today”. The problem was read more