The Stupidity of Overblown Political Correctness

Once upon a time there was true freedom of speech, a tenet of democracy, where people could express what they felt, whether with passion, humility, or humour. In those times listeners would simply choose whether the words applied to them or not, and disregard what they didn’t agree with. In those times people had more read more


A Dangerous Lack of Courage in Leadership

A prerequisite of effective leadership is the presence of courage. In this VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) we are witnessing the presence of fear in many of our leaders across the board – fleeing, fighting or frozen. The symptoms are: Much talk, little action – ineffective meetings that lead nowhere. Confused understanding and read more


Improving the Australian Post Millennials – Generation Z

Australia has a number of challenges with the up and coming Generation Z (those currently aged between 18 and 30). Too many are obese, are binge drinkers and drug users, screen addicted, self-absorbed and still dependent upon their ageing parents for accommodation and domestic support. Too many do little for anyone other than themselves. Australia read more


The Crucial Skill for Current Leaders, without Which They are Doomed

When you consider the challenges facing all organisations today, there is no doubt that organisational agility, adaptability and resilience is essential if the organisation is to thrive. That means the leadership must be agile, adaptable and resilient as well, if not firstly. How to become more agile, adaptable and resilient then becomes the key question. read more


You Can Learn Leadership Presence

I’ve noticed lately that leadership or executive presence is getting increasing airspace. Some people are calling it the “X factor” in leadership. I’m frequently engaged to coach leaders in enhancing their leadership presence. In the military we had to learn it from scratch, because we were so young at the time. I was only nineteen. read more