Self-Awareness – A Foundation Skill for Exceptional Leadership

Gary was a very competent and confident CEO. His people knew he was an expert and would mostly lead them down the right path. That however, didn’t stop them not trusting him.  It didn’t stop good talent from leaving. The reason they didn’t trust Gary was that they felt Gary did not care for them. read more


Without This Trait Your Leadership is Doomed

So much is expected of leaders. After all they have accepted the role and the rewards of stewardship of the values, the vision, the people and the results. With such high stakes the effective leader must have a variety of traits to handle the complexities and uncertainties of the territory. Yet there is one trait read more


You Can Learn Leadership Presence

I’ve noticed lately that leadership or executive presence is getting increasing airspace. Some people are calling it the “X factor” in leadership. I’m frequently engaged to coach leaders in enhancing their leadership presence. In the military we had to learn it from scratch, because we were so young at the time. I was only nineteen. read more


Do You Know a Narcissistic Leader?

David Thomas’ 2012 book “Behind the Mask” (ISBN 184624935X) claims the following characteristics, whether some or all, describe the narcissist: An obvious self-focus in interpersonal exchanges Problems in sustaining satisfying relationships A lack of psychological awareness Difficulty with empathy Problems distinguishing the self from others Hypersensitivity to any insults or imagined insults Vulnerability to shame read more


The Senior Leader Deficit

Our world is changing rapidly. People now have access to almost all the information that exists. Even tightly held government secrets are now available for public scrutiny. Admittedly there is also a massive amount of useless information, but we humans are great learners and we’ll soon find ways of filtering the rubbish. We’ll learn to read more