Self-Awareness – A Foundation Skill for Exceptional Leadership

Gary was a very competent and confident CEO. His people knew he was an expert and would mostly lead them down the right path. That however, didn’t stop them not trusting him.  It didn’t stop good talent from leaving. The reason they didn’t trust Gary was that they felt Gary did not care for them. read more


The Danger of a Leader’s Problem-Solving Mindset

One of the traits of an effective leader is problem-solving. Unchecked, a leader is constantly looking for problems to solve. Although the intention to improve things is positive, the results can be negative: Perceptions of micro-management “We only see the boss when something goes wrong” No attention being paid to success and achievement, resulting in read more


Coaching by Leaders and Managers – Why it can fail and how you can make it work (Part 5 of 5)

BlessingWhite recently posted an excellent article on why coaching (by workplace leaders and managers) doesn’t work. The article focussed on the five main causes of failed internal coaching and a general direction for the remedy for each cause. This post covers the fifth and final cause where I’m giving you specific and actionable solutions for read more


Should Senior Leaders Attend Their Peoples’ Training?

Senior leaders tend to require their people to be trained without attending themselves. There are various stated reasons for this: They are too busy. They’ve already been trained in those areas (albeit some time ago). They are not the ones who need development. They aren’t sufficiently connected with the people being trained. They don’t want read more