The Misnomer of Future Proofing

Whenever I hear the expression ‘future proofing’ I shudder with distaste for term. It’s really about innovation, adaptability and influencing. Not becoming immune to or sheltered from the future. Here’s my take on it: You can’t ‘future proof’. The future’s going to happen anyway, mostly beyond your control. If you think you can predict the read more


Did You…

Plan today or will it just happen? Reflect on yesterday or lose the learning opportunity? Deliver elite performance on a task or do just enough to be compliant? Engage with a colleague or pull your head in? Compliment good work or take it for granted? Challenge or defend the status quo? Choose to be your read more


The Six Statements of Effective Interaction

Recently I have worked with a variety of clients who each asked me to help their people through difficult situations such as redundancy and re-deployment and other disruptive changes, as well as dealing with difficult people and relationships. I investigated each client’s culture and situation and came up with six statements that actually applied to read more


Don’t Change! Adapt, Adjust, Improve, Create or Innovate Instead!

I’m tired of the expression “change management”! Firstly the statistics are that 70% of change programs fail. Secondly, change is a directionless word. What we really mean is adapting or improving, adjusting, innovating or creating. When people are told they must change, it evokes resistance. When they are asked how we might adapt and improve, read more


The Seven Deadly Sins of a Leader

Some leaders gain the trust and respect of their people by their consistent values based behaviour and decisions. Other leaders lose trust and respect by committing these seven deadly sins: 1. Choosing what suits them instead of the greater good for their people and the organisation. 2. Taking credit for the good work of others read more