Speed or Timeliness: A Strategy Issue

I hear and see organisations and their gurus banging the drum of speed. Speed is associated with winning, beating the competition, grasping the fleeting opportunity, responding to the disruptive forces of technology, economic conditions and the volatility of almost everything. Some say that speed is the saint of strategy, or else opportunity is stolen by read more


10 Point Strategic Decision Making Check List

Making strategic decisions is a skill learned best by practice. We can always correct a faulty decision; however, we prefer to make the right decision in the first instance, don’t we? Here’s a simple checklist I use to help me and my clients make strategic decisions: What’s the goal? What are the useful relevant facts? read more


Why The Gap Between Strategy and Execution?

The chief operating officer asked me to have a coffee with him to share an idea with me. I said “Sure and you know I’ll be sending you an invoice if I can be of assistance.” I could sense his smile as he replied “Of course David – not a problem.” We met and soon read more


A Dangerous Lack of Courage in Leadership

A prerequisite of effective leadership is the presence of courage. In this VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) we are witnessing the presence of fear in many of our leaders across the board – fleeing, fighting or frozen. The symptoms are: Much talk, little action – ineffective meetings that lead nowhere. Confused understanding and read more


The Biggest Employee Engagement Myth is…

That it’s about employee engagement. It’s really about leadership engagement, without which there is no employee engagement. That’s where the focus needs to be first and foremost. Too many leaders are too busy to be engaged with their employees, so they outsource or delegate to HR professionals etc. Damn shame isn’t it? Proof of how read more