The Top Skill Everyone Needs Now

The World Health Organization states that stress will be the MAJOR cause of disability in the world by 2030. If we are paying attention to what’s happening globally and locally we see that global economic uncertainty, the coming jobs impact of artificial intelligence and robotics, climate change and weird political swings to the right and read more


The Five Minute De-Stress Exercise for Busy People

As a leadership coach specialising in improving leadership of high risk/high performance entities, I’m constantly helping leaders to keep themselves and their people from being stuck in a stressed state. Stress is caused not by the situation, but by the reaction to the situation. Essentially it occurs in the mind of the person and is read more


Five Rules for Dealing with Difficult People

How often have you been frustrated with people who are habitually difficult to deal with? Difficult people are in the minority, but they take more time and energy to work with than people who are cooperative and collaborative. Also there are a multitude of different types of difficult people, as all of us are unique. read more


Isn’t This the Common Problem in Organisations?

How many lists of organisational and business challenges have you seen? I bet they include the following in no particular order of priority: Finance management, including cash, borrowing and risk management Competition Marketing Regulations Staff selection and retention Culture Values adherence Technological change Uncertain economic conditions Stress Complexity of the marketplace Yet the one problematic read more


Leadership Reflection – for de-stressing and a high point in learning

A characteristic of seasoned effective leaders is that they can manage stress well or rather, de-stress rapidly. They are also life-long learners and realise that reflection is a high point in learning. The time during which they de-stress occurs whilst conducting a disciplined daily reflection period, where they ask themselves these 15 questions or something read more