Tips for Dealing with a Culture of Avoidance

Avoidance of dealing with unacceptable behaviour and performance can be a big part of the culture of many organisations across commerce and government, costing them loss of talent, productivity, innovation and opportunity. This avoidance culture leaves the organisation vulnerable to serious disruption by competitors who are more agile and performance focused with a culture of read more


The Misnomer of Future Proofing

Whenever I hear the expression ‘future proofing’ I shudder with distaste for term. It’s really about innovation, adaptability and influencing. Not becoming immune to or sheltered from the future. Here’s my take on it: You can’t ‘future proof’. The future’s going to happen anyway, mostly beyond your control. If you think you can predict the read more


The Secret to Enterprise Productivity

Improving productivity is high on the leaders’ agenda. Scholarly and practical articles alike focus on the productivity outcome created by the relationship between inputs and outputs, debating only what inputs and outputs to measure. What are measured mainly are financial and product or service data. I think they are missing the secret reality. There are read more


The Formula for Corporate Success Today

We live in times of uncertainty, volatility, ambiguity, even chaos. Disruptive change is upon us all. We are emerging from leading and managing focussed only on spreadsheets and fiscal data. That’s because it’s not delivering the results we seek. We must embrace an additional formula not used by accountants and economists. Not their fault. We read more


Keep Innovation Simple

The drive for higher performance, productivity and sustainability inevitably raises the topic of innovation. I assert that innovation like many other concepts has been made complicated in an effort for the authors to be heard, to help and to stand out. Let’s keep it simple for once. If we just kept these seven core principles read more