The Conversation That Empowered a CEO to Replace Himself

Michael (not his real name) was the CEO of a family owned company, with about 100 employees, that has a niche market serving custom marine, aero and road vehicles, including motorcycles. (I’ve also altered enough description to ensure confidentiality) The company is sixty years old and Michael is the grandson of the founder.  He’s young read more


The Holy Grail of Commerce

I humbly assert that the holy grail of commerce is sustainable growth and profit. That does not mean continuous growth and continuous profit. There is a distinction between ‘sustainable’ and ‘continuous’ that most people in commerce don’t seem to get. ‘Sustainable’ in this context means the ability to have longevity of growth and profit. ‘Continuous’ read more


Metattude’s Enterprise Success Models

Hierarchy of Enterprise Success© Within each of the above “bricks” of success there are related and inter-related requirements that ensure the integrity of each brick and the model as a whole. For instance the brick of Continuous Learning and Improvement includes the setting of key performance indicators or results areas, their measurement, performance mastery, innovation read more