Are They Deliberately Being A-Holes?

During the last few workshops I’ve been running for my clients, I’ve asked this question “Do people come to work saying ‘Today I’m going to be an a-hole?’” The overwhelming response has been “No”, then some said with a laugh “Except for…” Those that said “Except for…”  never meant themselves. The point is that no-one read more


What is Causing Enterprise Rigidity?

Since we are in a VUCA world, where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are the dominant characteristics, we need to be agile to adjust continuously. The message of ‘enterprise agility’ is slowly being heard, if not yet accepted. There are still too many enterprises in all sectors which remain rigid, unable to adjust to the read more


The Too Often Unspoken Role of the Leader

We hear so much about the leader’s role being to create the vision, model the values, engage the people and so on, for the purpose of achieving the enterprise’s vision, deliver stakeholder value and so on. However, there is a role of the leader that too often goes unspoken and undelivered. What is that role? read more


Your Most Urgent and Important Challenge Right Now as a Leader

There’s no way to avoid this task, it’s causing lost productivity, loss of talent and diminished morale. Worst of all it’s negatively impacting on profit, market share and innovation. It’s also reflecting on you directly and causing you a loss of respect. What is it? Toxic people in your workplace. Get rid of them now, read more


Isn’t This the Common Problem in Organisations?

How many lists of organisational and business challenges have you seen? I bet they include the following in no particular order of priority: Finance management, including cash, borrowing and risk management Competition Marketing Regulations Staff selection and retention Culture Values adherence Technological change Uncertain economic conditions Stress Complexity of the marketplace Yet the one problematic read more