Self-Awareness – A Foundation Skill for Exceptional Leadership

Gary was a very competent and confident CEO. His people knew he was an expert and would mostly lead them down the right path. That however, didn’t stop them not trusting him.  It didn’t stop good talent from leaving. The reason they didn’t trust Gary was that they felt Gary did not care for them. read more


How Leaders Can Earn Trust and Respect and Keep It

If there’s diminished trust and respect in a leader, then there’s equally diminished performance and productivity. Right? Trust and respect go hand in glove and it is rare that a leader is trusted but not respected or vice versa. Trust and respect must be earned, and where the leader must go first. We all fundamentally read more


Is This How Trust Works?

We know how important trust is to us, don’t we? When I ask my clients to describe trust, they pause, finding it difficult to put into words, because it’s largely a feeling. So I ask them to comment on this framework: I assert that trust means: Our values are shared. We proactively care about each read more


How Successful Leaders Gain and Keep Trust

Trust is the most valuable currency of leadership. So much depends upon having a trustworthy leader. The very sustainability of the organisation is at stake when that value is eroded or not present. Effective leaders earn and keep trust by following a powerful and simple path: Being consistent in their competence and care. See my read more


It’s Time to be Motivated

Fluctuating economies, fears of deflation, terrorism, global unemployment increasing, climate change. Uncertainty, volatility, ambiguity, chaos and disruptive change seem to characterise our world. We’re finding it difficult to trust our governments, politicians and business leaders. They don’t inspire us with authentic values and vision, beyond appealing to our self-interests around survival, security and surety needs. read more