How to Re-Earn Trust

Gordon (not his real name) had just been appointed head of his firm’s large regional office, after four years as a senior sales manager there. He was aware that it was an unpopular choice, having earned the mistrust of three long serving key people he’d criticised and re-deployed whilst in his previous role.    They were read more


How Courageous a Leader Are You?

Do you have the courage to own up to your errors immediately? Do you have the courage to ensure the right people are on your team for the right reasons? Do you have the courage to hand leadership over to a person better suited for the immediate situation, even temporarily? Do you have the courage read more


How Leaders Can Earn Trust and Respect and Keep It

If there’s diminished trust and respect in a leader, then there’s equally diminished performance and productivity. Right? Trust and respect go hand in glove and it is rare that a leader is trusted but not respected or vice versa. Trust and respect must be earned, and where the leader must go first. We all fundamentally read more


The Problem with My Existing Expertise

“How long did it take you to become an expert in your field?” I was asked. “Well, I’m still learning” I replied. “There are over 7 billion people on the planet and they are all individuals. Until I fully understand them all, at least, I’ll need to keep learning.” “What about you?” I asked my read more


The Tragic Rise of the Under Developed Leader

The HR Manager told me that we couldn’t call the leadership development project “coaching” because the CEO doesn’t believe in coaching for leaders. The CEO has stated that leaders should be developed enough to not need coaching; that they wouldn’t have made it thus far if they were deficient. That CEO and his Chief Operating read more