David has made the field of leadership his life’s work. His on the ground experience in a diversity of high risk fields gives his coaching depth, breadth and focus. His unique approach and delivery engages the staunchest critic and gets the best out of a team. Our value was having David work with all employees, at every level, giving each an insight into the fundamental skills that underpin leadership success. David has had excellent results with field staff, unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable in an office environment.

David’s teachings are based on solid foundations; in our initial session we commenced work to develop our core company values based on rock solid principles – the rule book by which we would do business. We have used David’s support regularly, through one on one coaching to multi day courses with work books and presentations designed for our business. Our most recent work, a “Safety Leadership Program” has resulted in reduced incidents and improved safety across the board.

David has a unique ability to engage and relate to all he coaches. His direct questioning challenges the status quo and stimulates thought, reflection and communication to enable both personal and professional development of individuals and of teams.”


Ben Fazioli

General Manager

Fremantle Commercial Diving

18 August 2017

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that David Deane-Spread in his role of Executive Leadership Coach is as essential to a start-up business as a realistic business plan and detailed cash flow projection.

Speaking from experience, when David takes you on….and bear in mind, he doesn’t just take anybody on…not only does he drill down into your business idea to gain a necessary understanding of just exactly what you aim to do, but he also drills down into your psyche – often like an annoying angry bee!!.  You see his name come up on your phone and you hesitate before answering.  He can be like your biggest school nightmare…. Why are you doing this?  What do you need to do before you do that?  He’s relentless and never lets you off the hook – because he feels deeply… if you fail, he fails.

I believe that as a leadership coach, David doesn’t need to know how to make widgets or bed pans or in my case, how to take on the real estate industry and introduce some much needed integrity and realism.  All he needed to know was what was wrong with the industry and would my vision have the ability to fix it?

He has coached and teased the entrepreneur out of me.  He has been constantly on my back and never allowed me to give up.  He’s prodded me, often painfully, to look well beyond the obvious and into areas my competitors potentially will never go, and for this I will forever be eternally grateful.

Barb Dadd


New Way Home Sales

13 March 2017

Unidata has been using David Deane-Spread/Metattude for several years, in group coaching sessions as well as one on one coaching for senior staff.

These sessions have been very useful in guiding and mentoring our staff on how to handle relationships in the workplace and at home.

Having David as an independent coach within our organisation works very well.  He knows our business, knows our people and he has facilitated the personal and career growth of our people which in turn has helped the business grow.

David’s services are good value for money for this business.

Matt Saunders

General Manager

Unidata Pty Ltd

March 2017

I was in a parenting plateau with how to best handle my almost 9 year olds attitude, and these interactive workbooks provided me with a reprieve this weekend following a realization from myself I needed to change my approach and think outside of the box.

By the end of yesterday, using your books, my son can now understand the impact our thinking can have on how we feel with the self empowerment that this is in his control and takes hard work to master. He has committed to being aware of this and the impact on those around him, which for someone with Sensory Processing Disorder is a huge accomplishment in itself.

Again, I thank you for your teaching style and the resources you provide us which show both personally and professionally.

Tara LÉtang

Quality Administrator

Fremantle Commercial Diving

23 January 2017

My career had suffered some serious setbacks that had badly affected my commitment to my employer, my self-confidence, my ability see a positive future, and worse of all, my quality of life. I saw everything through a negative mask and wasn’t the person I wanted to be.

Over the course of only four sessions, David Deane-Spread was able to help me look at my situation objectively, regain my self-belief and determine a positive course of action for the future. No Kumbaya, just straight talking and common-sense critical analysis from someone who has been there and done that.

I unreservedly recommend David as an executive coach.

Philip Hine
Director Licensing and Regulation | Licensing and Regulation, Resources Safety
Department of Mines and Petroleum
Government of Western Australia
6 October 2016

I first met David in May of 2015. I had engaged in a recruitment process for a multi-hospital COO role to be based in the Middle East.

David had been engaged to undertake both psychometric testing and an intensive interview process over the short listed candidates of which I was one. The environment into which this role was to be based was challenging whilst for the company concerned it was an imperative that the right person be appointed into this key contract.

I have been in the work force for some 32 years, at least 20 of that operating at a senior level and my career has seen me bounce around various employers in different countries. Subsequently I personally have seen many executive firms engaged in these processes either as a subject of these processes or as an employer putting these processes over candidates for executive level roles.

The psychometric process run by David is known as the Tri Metrix EQ Assessment Tool. Rather than the two-minute noodle version which many organisations appear to have adopted in recent times – which in my opinion is a waste of time to the candidate and client – the Tri Metrix EQ Assessment was a thorough deep dive. The assessment report that came out of the assessment provided at least in my case an insightful and valuable view as to my leadership development, behaviours and motivators, the tool also blending these and explaining both the relevance of these traits but also how best to manage and develop these in the personal and business world. I continue to refer to the report on a regular basis.

The tool itself was complimented by an intense two-hour long interview process. It was evident that David had researched the environment into which the role would be based as all the questions were pertinent and highly insightful. The questions were also clearly linked into the Assessment Tool, the interview serving to explore elements identified in the Assessment and link into situations likely to be encountered in the role. David and I laugh about it now but the two-hour meeting was easily the most intensive I had ever engaged in my career. There was science in this as well with the process seeking to find the “real person” in a stressful situation reflecting the nature of the role.

In all of this I found David to be a no-nonsense business man, clearly highly intelligent and gifted in this line of work, the tools and techniques he used being scientifically based and are relevant and insightful to both the candidate and the employer. David has continued to personally keep in touch which is also something unique. I have found David to have an engaging presence, a man of integrity and down-to-earth nature with a clear passion in wanting people to excel and be the best they can.

To employers and to people seeking to better themselves in either the business or personal world I have no reservations in commending David to their attention. I certainly intend to engage his services in future processes I will be running for key roles.

Stephen Smith

Managing Director, Business Systems and Special Projects

Fullerton Health Group

September 7, 2016

Take off the mask, do away with assumptions/perceptions, switch-onto manual drive and let people see your inner light and passion in that moment”

These were some of the talking points in discovering the power of respectful influence and in rebuilding my leadership profile.

David Deane-Spread asks questions that make you rethink your leadership behaviours within the reality of your surroundings.

In my case it was putting into practice behaviours that I already knew but unable or unwilling to show; to allow my emotions to be present but always respectful.

Because leadership is a career long journey, there is a continual need to practice effective leadership behaviours and improve attitudinal competence.

David continually reminded me “you can do this –  you already know this stuff – you have it in you.

By asking those around me I have been able to give them clarity, confidence and certainty in reaching agreement.   Authentic acknowledgement and humility are personal qualities I accentuate.

In my experience David Deane-Spread offers coaching in a style akin to that of an advisor; to enhance existing capabilities, improve resilience and to develop both personally and professionally.

Peter Zadeian

Executive Director, Land Asset Management Services

Department of Lands

November 2013

David Deane-Spread combines generosity of spirit, incisive methodology and strategic insight borne of acuity under conditions of extremes where life and death are literally at stake.

When DDS speaks of attitudinal competence, it is an opportunity for expanding existing frameworks of reference unlike any other.

David facilitates game changing awareness of choice, option, perception and mindset to his clients and audiences.

I have experienced David’s expertise on a number of levels, have had the pleasure and honour of working with him and I wholeheartedly recommend the he and his services are extraordinary / of an entirely unique calibre.

Robert Henderson

Practising Artist and Speaker at Robert Henderson Art

19 February 2013

David’s guidance and consultation will be one of the best investments you will make in developing positive and constructive leadership skills in your business.

Gordon Trewern

Chief Executive Officer

Nulsen Haven Association

15 September 2009

David is a masterful presenter. Articulate, great presence and intelligent. He is able to engage a wide variety of audiences with his skill and unique story. Although I have seen David present many times, I never cease to enjoy his heartfelt presentations, unique way of conceptualising and ability to connect with others. I would thoroughly recommend David to any prospect.

Carla Fotev

Director Emergency Support Network

25 August 2009

Conversations with David always expand my thinking and move me closer to the person I aim to become. I discover what I had not thought to consider and how to more effectively achieve my outcomes. David helps unlock the potential in people and situations and creates lots of “ah ha” moments of joyous clarity.

Matt Hern

AXIS Financial Group Pty Ltd

19 February 2009

David Deane-Spread is a man of depth and substance who can assist any leader, team or process maximize performance. His wisdom is much welcomed and valued.

Glenn Capelli

Director & Presenter at Glenn Capelli Speaking

15 February 2009

David has been my career coach for many years now. David is a humble, trustworthy person and I would trust David with my life. David’s coaching has helped me work through many difficult decisions and I am a better person at work and at home because of this.

Peter Rowles

Managing Director Prime Solutions Pty Ltd

30 December 2008

I have served on the board as a Director of the same Company as David and know him to be a man of straight forward, down-to-earth common sense and cut-through business savvy. His reputation as a sound businessman and leader is widespread and unquestioned. You’d also be struggling to meet a nicer bloke.

Colin Pearce

Colin Pearce& Associates

16 January 2006

Thank you for speaking at the AGM for Community First on the 25th of October 2005.

You were an inspiration to everyone who attended.  Your talk was motivational but very sincere.

I have received excellent feedback from a range of people, who said that you set the tone for the best AGM that they had ever been to.

It was a pleasure to meet you and I would highly recommend you to other organisations as a guest speaker.

Clare Allen

Chief Executive Officer

Community First Inc.

28 October 2005

We were all very pleased with the easy way in which the session developed, the opportunity for all participants to be involved and the positive outcomes in terms of the planning content.  We now have more clarity about our mission and the future focus of the organisation and this was achieved in a very collaborative and positive way.

For a number of board members this was one of the most positive planning experiences in which they had been involved.

Dr Frank Kubicek


Central Wheatbelt Division of General Practice

30 November 2004


What impressed me was the time and research that you took to understand both the audience, senior management (and leadership philosophy) and the work environment before delivering the seminar.

Secondly, the issues you raised and your engaging delivery, held the attention of our employees.  A great many of them commented to me afterwards of the constructive concepts that you communicated.

Andrew Stewart

Joint Managing Director

Hydraulic Manifolds Australia

13 August 2014